Our Care Groups is a program designed to CARE for the needs of the church members, CONNECT members to the various ministries Apostolic Tabernacle offers, and help its members BUILD a stronger relationship with Christ. This program is comprised of different “care groups” in the church that are led by the some of most compassionate people in the area. These group leaders are comprised of husband and wife teams that ensure that members are cared for, connected with other great Christian individuals and the ministries of the church, and are working to build their relationship with Christ. This program is designed to ensure that every member of Apostolic Tabernacle is adequately cared for with whatever need they may face. The care group leaders are each individual member’s point of contact for church-related questions or issues. If you aren’t already signed up, be sure to contact the church office to enroll in this great program and receive the superb level of care given by our care group leaders.