We're glad you are here

Located in the heart of Wilmington on the North Carolina coast, Apostolic Tabernacle is passionate about… YOU! Our church is a church for all people, reflecting the diversity of our community. Our church is multicultural and multiracial, with members from various different backgrounds and economic statuses. We are dedicated to reaching "whosever will" with the precious gospel of Jesus Christ. We trust that you will find a warm and friendly congregation of people when you walk through our doors.

Dedicated to Remaining True to God's Word

In a world where the Bible has been dismissed as irrelevant and is altered at will, Apostolic Tabernacle is dedicated to remaining steadfast to the truth found in God’s word. We believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the only message of salvation and everyone needs to hear it. There is power of the Word of God to change and restore lives. Our church is filled with people from all walks of life who can testify of the delivering power of Jesus Christ! Each week you can expect to hear powerful, relevant messages of hope, deliverance, restoration, and salvation. We also have a multitude of special classes for all age groups aimed at diving deeper into the word of God, along with real-life applications. 

World-Class Leadership

Apostolic Tabernacle has truly been blessed with anointed leadership, starting with our bishop, Rev. L.E. Logue, and his wife, Pamela. Under their leadership and vision, Apostolic Tabernacle has grown from a small handful of people to several hundred each and every week. Now under the leadership of Pastor Evan Grizzle and his wife, Ashley, Apostolic Tabernacle is more passionate than ever to reach our community and spread the gospel all over the world.

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You Are Invited!

With a newly renovated sanctuary and a new location in the near future to house the growth God has given us, now is a great time to become a part of Apostolic Tabernacle! We invite you to come and experience the presence of God, and join us, as we help each other become difference-makers and world changers!